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Growing Holistically through the Domains of Learning


Learning is a life-long process that starts as early as infancy. Our brains are wired to receive information, process it, and apply it. With the various disciplines, we can learn through life, learning is categorized into three domains.

  • Cognitive Domain
    The cognitive domain of learning involves the use of analytical skills. It deals with how we acquire, process, and apply knowledge in a context. Every preschool in Utah realizes how important it is to develop this domain. For infants, a provider who helps them identify pictures and names is an activity that exercises the cognitive. For young and old preschoolers, activities that develop their cognitive domain may include vocabulary building through picture books, naming objects, and counting.
  • Psychomotor Domain
    If the cognitive domain focuses on knowledge, psychomotor include motor skill areas. Have you observed that your child in a daycare in Orem, Utah, is provided with toys they can play with; It aims to develop their physical coordination to perform manual tasks. Tinkering objects are always part of the program for children.
  • Affective Domain
    The values formation or the emotional side of learning is what the affective domain aspires to achieve. If you are responsible for child care, you can encourage the children to play with others to learn socialization. When handling preschoolers, tasks that develop independence to doing personal tasks should be integrated into this domain. All activities should help them learn values.

At Sunny Daycare, we integrate activities that develop these domains of learning. When your child is with us, holistic development is guaranteed. Connect with us.

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