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Teaching Your Toddler to Communicate


When is the best time to teach your baby how to communicate? While there is no strict or definite timeline, developmental milestones provide a good estimate as to when learning should happen.

Teaching your toddler skills can start early – given appropriate teaching methods. For example, communication is a valued skill. But learning to speak, listen, or write does not happen in one go. Building one’s communication skills is like building a house – brick by brick you are building for something bigger later on.

Here are some simple ways you can build your child’s foundation in communication.

  • Response
    The coos, cries, and waving of arms are all attempts of your baby to get your attention. Do not ignore this. Respond and encourage them to express themselves even more.
  • Speaking
    It is a given that the child’s vocabulary is limited but speaking to them does not have to be in gibberish. Use simple and easy words to facilitate learning. This exposure will help build their vocabulary so they may use what they have been hearing the next time.
  • Reading
    Whatever reading material there is – baby books, alphabet, and many more – introduce your child to the world of reading. The more practice they have, the more they learn and the better they can recall.

Your child can also practice their communication with their peers when they are in our Child Care.

A Daycare in Orem, Utah provides the environment where your child can learn more.

Let bright days start with Sunny Daycare where kids enjoy learning at a Preschool in Utah.

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