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Why You Should Stop Comparing Your Child to Others


It hurts when your parents compare you with others. You know how it feels. It is awful no matter how hard you try to shrug it off. So why would you let your child experience it?

Comparing your child to other children can cause damages that can be irreversible. Check the following effects your child can undergo:

  • It can lead to a lack of confidence and self-pitying.
    Instead of doing their best when challenges occur, your child would quit because he feels he can never be good enough like other kids in Preschool in Utah. Lower self-esteem can also result in low grades and decreased participation in school activities.
  • It can instill jealousy and sibling rivalry.
    When you compare your kids, they might think you are playing favorites. Let fairness remain at home. Parents and even Child Care assistants should never show that they have an apple of the eye.
  • It can hinder potential and talents.
    Instead of honing and developing their skills, children would rather hide and become lazy because they think nobody can appreciate anyway.

We should be the ones to promote equality and appreciation among our kids. Our actions can immensely impact their lives, and shaping them the wrong way from the start can leave long-lasting effects on their behaviors and mental well-being in the future.

If you want your children to discover their potential and develop self-esteem and appreciation, enroll them at a Daycare in Orem, Utah, that promotes and hones good qualities, skills, and talents. Sunny Daycare has programs according to age and follows a step-by-step process where kids can learn and enjoy at the same time.

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