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The Role of Parents in After-School Services

The Role of Parents in After-School Services

Enrolling your kindergarten children in daycare in Orem, Utah is one of the best decisions that you’ll make for your little ones. In daycare, you leave your children in the very capable hands of our teachers. From them, children can learn the foundations of knowledge that will help develop their brains and prepare them for the challenges they’ll face when they grow older.

Now, when kids move up from preschool in Utah to kindergarten and beyond, parents can expect more complicated school work. Some of these have to be brought home to further enrich the child’s learnings from the institution.

At this point in the child’s education, it is expected that parents should commit a little more of their time every day to help the kids deal with their homework. This is simply a reaffirmation of the parent’s role as the child’s first educator.

Some people argue that the child’s education from kindergarten onwards is the sole responsibility of the professional teacher in schools. This is only partly true. Teachers are more knowledgeable in the techniques for imparting knowledge effectively to the kids. However, parents still bear the responsibility to make sure that their children are indeed learning in school.

So, parents need to ensure that their children are not only doing their homework and studying for future lessons, but that they also truly understand what they are reading. Rote memorization is a great skill, but without a solid understanding, the knowledge memorized simply fades after an examination. For this, parents need to extend a helping hand to entrench the learnings further.

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