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Introducing and Sharing Books with Your Preschooler

Introducing and Sharing Books with Your Preschooler

Reading books to children or teaching them how to read can stimulate their imagination and expand their understanding of the world. Books help develop a child’s brain, concentration, ability to focus, communication skills, and social skills.

If your kids are in child care or preschool, you must be active in helping them get around with books. They can easily enjoy books and learn from sharing books with you. Sharing books with your kids can help them learn how to talk better and prepare them to listen and learn in school.

One of the ways you can do to successfully introduce or share books with your child is to make books a part of his or her bedtime routine. Set aside 20 to 30 minutes with the TV off for sharing books as part of your regular bedtime routine. Aside from helping your children immerse in books effectively, reading before bedtime can help prevent future bedtime struggles.

As a parent, it is also very important to listen to your kids’ preferences or stories when it comes to books. They can tell you which books interest them, what stories they find fun or relatable, ask you questions about the books you read together, and tell you the story of their favorite book in their own words. When introducing new books, it’s important to find a quiet and comfortable place for this. It’s also effective if you ask your child to tell you about the pictures found in the book and the story. You can also point out colors, shapes, numbers, and letters to them. Our preschool in Utah complements these tasks by teaching them ways how to familiarize themselves with the different stories of children’s books.

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