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Ways to Help Improve Your Toddlers’ Communication Skills

Ways to Help Improve Your Toddlers’ Communication Skills

Communication is a vital skill for any individual. That is why it is important for you to nurture their communication skills even when they are still in daycare in Orem, Utah. Here are some suggestions on how you can make your toddlers communicate better with you and others.

  • Respond to their sounds and gestures.
    Your toddlers may use coos and their hands to signal you. Don’t ignore them. Responding helps your children understand how communication works. It also helps encourage them to improve their skills.
  • Talk with your toddlers using clear and simple words.
    Children will not understand complex phrases. They won’t follow what they don’t understand. Be as clear and simple when giving out requests as possible.
  • Read with them.
    Reading is not only an activity in preschool in Utah. You must encourage reading to your children, no matter what time it is.
  • Don’t forget to teach non-verbal communication.
    Communication is not all words, phrases, and sentences. It can also be non-verbal. Teach your child what certain gestures mean.
  • Be their role model.
    If you communicate with others in a kind and respectful tone, your children will pick up on it. Be the role model they deserve!

At Sunny Daycare, we encourage our young ones to be as communicative as possible. We also offer a wide array of child care services for their total development. Call us for more info!

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