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How Important Is Outdoor Play to Childhood Development?

How Important Is Outdoor Play to Childhood Development?

Every child needs a good foundation for their development and one of the most helpful ways to have such a good foundation is outdoor play. Playing and exploring outside is an important part of childhood because children need to have physical activities every day. Hence, outdoor games and fun activities outside are promoted and are encouraged in child care.

To be with nature lets the children unlock a lot of capabilities, skills, and potential. Exploring the outside world, being curious about what is around them, and having fun seeing new things is what makes learning fun.

Outdoor fun is beneficial to kids because it can:

  • Improve physical development, coordination, and movement of the body. Playing outdoors encourages children to climb, jump, run, and many more.
  • Wider circle of friends, means improved social development since they will be able to meet new friends, interact, and build a friendship with them.
  • Increased imagination since the outdoors allows them to pretend to be anything and do anything they want.
  • More knowledge and appreciation of nature. Learning about natural elements, the weather, seasons, and animals, among others is a whole new experience for them.

Enrolling your child in a preschool will open more opportunities for them to play outdoors. Sunny Daycare is a preschool in Utah that offers after-school programs and activities to children. Each program we offer is specifically designed for better nurturing and development of our children.

Hence, if you are looking for a daycare in Orem, Utah, our center is the best option. We have a versatile program offered depending on the age range to the kids enrolled in our care center. If you have further inquiries about our daycare center, call us.

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